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The carts are on the bricks!

Therefore, we are good to go! Come on out and enjoy this gorgeous day.

Course Open/ Carts Allowed

We are good to go!  Come on out and enjoy this less than spectacular day.

Men's League (Cancelled)

Unfortunately the weather is not in our favor for tonight. Sorry Guys!!

Carts are ALLOWED

Wednesday Ladies Fun Scramble is on!! We have postponed the start time to 10:00 AM to let it dry out a little more.

Happy Sunday

It's a beautiful day at Litchfield Country Club The course is OPEN and CARTS are allowed!!! Come on out and enjoy a gorgeous day and a near perfect golf course.

Course is nearly PERFECT!!

Duncan and his crew have got our course in GREAT shape.  I am looking forward to a busy Memorial Day weekend.

Carts are good to go

We are drying up and ready for some play.  Come on out and enjoy the SUN!!

Carts are going out!

We are good to go.  Come on out and enjoy the club.

We're very close....

Please check back in tomorrow morning by 9:00 am if CARTS will be allowed. I am keeping my fingers crossed!!!

Course is OPEN!

We are still too wet to allow carts. You are always welcome to come out and walk.

The course is just too WET!

I know it's a beautiful day.  I'm here, looking outside at 20 golf carts that are still chained up from last October. If we dodge the raindrops that are forecasted for tomorrow, we may be good by Sunday. Keep up to date on this BLOG.

We just cannot WIN!!

Ladies and Gentleman, I just can't make this's raining AGAIN!!! Plus, it looks like we may get rain for the next few days. I don't know about you, but I am getting really tired of this!!!

Just when we thought we were close...

We get more rain!! This is starting to become a nightmare. We are not allowing carts again today.

We are still OPEN!

We just are not allowing carts yet. Stay Tuned! As soon as I get the OK from Duncan I will broadcast it from the mountaintops. Heck, I might even rent a by-plane and write it in the sky.

Boy it sure feels like golf weather.....

It's just too bad we have had 9 inches of rain in the last five weeks. Although the course remains OPEN, for walkers only. Carts will not be allowed for another few days, granted we don't get any more rain. Please check Duncan's blog for more updates on course conditions.